Tissue-Grown Corporation

Company Overview

Tissue-Grown Corporation was founded in 1986 and has an established business in the propagation of disease-indexed horticultural crops.

Tissue-Grown is emerging as a new type of technology company, combining commercial micropropagation and greenhouse production expertise with the disciplines of cell genetics and cell physiology. At its base the company has product lines of disease indexed horticultural plantlets, virus elite potatoes, geraniums, carnations, and fruit and nut trees.

Recently Tissue-Grown Corp. has expanded through new technologies and best practice methods into broader markets. Some examples include working with new fruit and nut tree rootstocks where ground breaking research is being done with increased yields and water efficiency. Also, due to benefits derived from research, Tissue-Grown Corp. is now able to work with tissue culture and greenhouse transitioning of many different varieties of trees and foods.

Tissue-Grown Corporation uses best practice methods and research and development investments to be a forward thinking green company. Due to these guidelines Tissue-Grown Corp. has grown rapidly and is actively seeking expansion, investments, commercial research partners, and new high volume projects.

In 2015, Tissue-Grown Corp.'s Research Director Brett Gytri presented on Advances in Research Methods for Commercial Micropropagation Systems at the 2015 In Vitro Biology Meeting of the Society for In Vitro Biology.